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House treatment of hair: useful recipes

It isn't difficult to carry out care of hair in house conditions! We will consider useful recipes for our hair!

1)  Means for all types of hair 

Egg - one of the most effective remedies for treatment of hair.  Depending on length and density of hair, take one or two eggs.  Shake up them before emergence of foam, and put on clean damp hair and head skin.  In 20-30 minutes wash away egg cool water (too warm or hot water will lead to that egg "will cook" on hair, and it will be difficult to be combed out).  Some use egg instead of shampoo - at least, from time to time.  It can be very useful for dry or normal hair, but to an oily hair egg won't be able to replace shampoo. 

2)  Means for dim hair 

Products for laying and the polluted air often lead to that on hair the film which deprives moisture and gloss hair is formed.  Sour-milk products will help to cope with this problem. 

Take half-cups of sour cream or simple yogurt and put on damp hair.  In 20 minutes wash away a mask warm, and then cool water.  After that wash hair soft shampoo.  This procedure it is recommended to carry out everyone in a week;  hair become smooth soon, brilliant, and stronger. 

3)  Means against a head skin itch 

Take 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and 2 tablespoons of water.  Mix ingredients and with easy massing movements bring mix on head skin.  Wash away in 20 minutes, then wash the head a dry hair shampoo. 

This means will suit at whom head skin itches and is shelled as a result of influence of a stress, weather, and other factors.  If the itch long doesn't pass, it is worth addressing to the doctor - probably, it is a symptom of any disease. 

4)  Means for a brittle hair 

It is required to you:  beer half-cups, one teaspoon of sunflower or rape oil, and one crude egg.  Carefully mix ingredients and bring mix on damp hair and head skin.  In 15-20 minutes rinse hair cool water and wash them with shampoo. 

It is possible to sprinkle also simply hair beer.  When liquid will evaporate, on hair there will be a protein (from wheat, malt and hop) which will strengthen hair. 

5)  Means for the dry and injured hair 

Take approximately half-cups of liquid honey, and bring it on clean damp hair.  It is possible to add one or two tablespoons of olive oil that it was easier to be distributed on hair in honey.  Put on hair a hat for a shower.  In 15-20 minutes wash away a mask and wash out hair soft shampoo.  If hair are injured very strongly, add to honey egg or grated by avocado - they contain protein which promotes restoration of protein communications. 

6)  Means for an unruly hair 

If hair are badly set and constantly confused, you will be helped by a simple mask. Pound in mashed potatoes an avocado half (if you have long hair, use the whole avocado), and put on hair on all length. In 15 minutes wash away a mask cool water. Avocado can also be mixed with sour cream, yogurt, egg or mayonnaise. Do such mask at least, than time.


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