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Larch - a wonderful tree!

The needles of a larch are vitamin-rich, generally ascorbic acid and carotene. 

* Cold, cough?
2 teaspoons of the crushed fresh needles fill in with a milk glass, you hold on weak fire of 5-7 minutes, insist under a cover hour, filter.  Take on 2-3 tablespoons of hot infusion 2-3 times a day for half an hour to food. 

* Gums bleed?
Chew larch pitch.

* Tortured spots, cracks on lips or you burned?
Mix identical amount of pitch of a larch, yellow wax and sunflower oil or pitch, propolis and internal lard.  Boil on a water bath and carefully mix. 

* The stomach, heartburn disturbs?
Accept inside larch pitch on 50 mg 3 times a day to food.

* Hurt and swell up joints?
Bathtubs from fresh branches of a larch are considered as the most effective anesthetic at gout, rheumatism and damages of joints of other origin.

* Weakness, short wind, frequent headaches?
Make special honey!

To prepare 1 kg of honey, it is necessary to assemble 70-80 green cones. In the enameled ware pour 1 l of water and cook 1 hour, before full preparation (cones have to be punctured a fork). Broth filter warm, then put 1 kg of sugar and cook while sugar won't be dissolved. Add a little lemon acid that mix didn't become candied. You store in a dark cool place in densely closed ware. Accept on 1 tablespoon, washing down with water 3 times a day in 30-40 minutes prior to food.


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