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Medical halvah from sunflower seeds

From heart troubles and kidneys (it is especially useful for men), include in the diet curative tasty "halvah". 

It is simply to prepare.

* Wash up and dry up sunflower seeds of pumpkin, a water-melon, a melon.

* Process them in a coffee grinder together with a peel. 

* Add honey, mix that dense weight turned out.

* Lay out on a plate, Leave for the night. Cut randomly.

This halvah possesses excellent diuretic and clearing properties. 

And if to it to add ground hips and a hawthorn, walnuts, it will help strengthening of cardiovascular system.  It is possible to add and other ingredients, for example, the dried and processed slices of pumpkin, a girasol, leaves of various herbs. 

To accept on 1 teaspoon, slowly dissolving in a mouth, on an empty stomach - in the morning and before going to bed – in the evening.


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