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Onions against diseases

By means of onions it is possible to get rid of many diseases, and not just for cold. We will consider recipes.

* to mix in equal parts grated onions, apples, to add medical. To accept on a tablespoon 3 times a day.
* (from 10 bulbs) to make the Onions peel in 1 liter of water. To evaporate liquid to a volume half. To accept on 2/3 glasses 3 times a day with honey addition.

To boil thoroughly a bulb in table vinegar and to put to a callosity.

Inflammatory and purulent diseases of skin.
* to grate onions and a laundry soap in equal proportions, to add the same part (as well as onions) internal fat. To kindle, well to mix. If abscess deep, at first is put by ointment, and then potatoes in a uniform.

* to the people having an allergy, it is necessary to eat as much as possible fresh onions as substances containing in onions block the hormone causing complications at allergic reactions.
* It is possible to prepare such structure also. To grate onions and to squeeze out of it juice. To add 1 teaspoon of natural honey, and 4 — 5 drops of juice of a lemon. To accept in 2 hours after a dinner.

At intellectual overfatigue and after a serious illness.
* to process or small to grate onion, red beet, carrots and one lemon with a peel in a proportion 1/1. To add as much sunflower or olive oil and honey. Carefully to stir and put in the refrigerator. To use on 2 tablespoons of 1 times in the morning on an empty stomach.

* the handful of an onions peel make on 1 glass of boiled water. Add in water when rinsing.

* 1 tablespoon of an onions peel make on 1 glass of boiled water. To boil 5 minutes. To accept on 1-2 tablespoons 3 times a day to food.

* to use in food it is as much as possible onions - normalizes a metabolism.


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