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Sesame - the assistant in fight against many diseases

In sesame seeds there is a lot of the fat oil consisting generally of air of glycerin and organic acids.

They contain the powerful antioxidant, capable to reduce cholesterol level, to prevent development of many diseases, and including a cancer. Also carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins A, E, C, groups B, amino acids are a part of seeds; minerals: calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium; there is a lecithin, food fibers.

The substances containing in oil and a sesame seed, have beneficial impact on health:  remove toxins, normalize a metabolism, arterial pressure, warn diseases of joints. 

* For osteoporosis prevention
To accept daily 1-2 tablespoons of seeds.

* Cold and cough
To heat oil on a water bath, for the night to pound a back and a breast, and also to accept in a warm look inside, at quinsies and pharyngitises on 1 teaspoon warm 3 once a day.

* Diarrhea
To mix the crushed seeds with honey 1:1 and a small amount of boiled water. To accept on 1 tablespoon several times a day, before state improvement.

* Colitis and gastritis
To accept on an empty stomach on 2 teaspoons several times a day.

* At pains of neuralgic character
To roast seeds on a frying pan, to crush to a powdery state and to accept on 1 tablespoon (no more) during the day. It is desirable to wash down not with usual water, and to add a little fresh ginger juice.

* At bad coagulability of blood
3 times a day before food accept on 1 tablespoon of sesame oil. It increases quantity of platelets.

* At dermatitis
To mix grapes and aloe juice in equal parts, to add one part of sesame oil and to grease the struck sites of skin. In addition to accept oil inside, 2-3 times a day on 1 tablespoon.

* Alternative to means on care of face skin
Add it in any cosmetics, including for cleaning and washing; mix it with other oils; you enter into structure of face packs – especially for withering skin, and use as a basis for preparation of house creams.

* Sesame oil it is possible to remove a make-up
For example, ink from eyelashes, and in general to apply it as means to care of skin of eyelids – in the morning and to bring oil round eyes in the evening, carefully driving in it with finger-tips.

* For growing thin
To mix in a mixer the seeds of sesame soaked since evening (1 cup) with boiled water (1,5 cups). Water can be added if necessary while mix doesn't become similar to dense cream; then it filter, pour out in a glass jar, cover with a gauze or fabric – liquid has to "breathe", and put in a warm place approximately at 12 o'clock. In ready sesame "kefir" it is possible to add lemon juice, honey or sugar to taste.


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