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Unusual methods of application of tea

Tea is a not only remarkable drink! Tea can be used also and in other purposes!

1.  The most widespread application of tea bags – as compresses for calm of tired eyes.  Soak tea bags in ice water or simply fill in with water and leave for some time in the refrigerator.  Tea not only will remove a redness and a swelling, but also will calm tired eyes. 

2.  Tea will help and at bruises.  Put freshly brewed, but already cooled down bag of black tea on the hurt place and bruise will descend much quicker.  The matter is that black tea contains tannins which reduce puffiness and narrow blood vessels.  For achievement of the best result the compress is followed to do twice a day, leaving for 20 minutes. 

3.  Tea can be used as solar burns medicine.  Damp tea bags will relieve pain at a solar burn and if all body scorched, take a bath from tea. 

4.  Tea will help and at cuts the razor.  The damp tea bag will reduce and will calm aching pain from a shaving cut. 

5.  At acne rash it is useful to wash green tea. 

6.  At problems in a mouth too will help out tea.  Painful ulcers can pass in a mouth and but if you want to accelerate process, kill a tea bag in water, and after bite it teeth.  Having got on sore points, tea will relieve pain and will accelerate healing.  In the same way it is possible to stop bleeding from the pulled-out or lost tooth. 

7.  Use tea to refresh breath.  Rinsing by strong tea reduces an unpleasant smell from a mouth. 

8.  Apply tea in the ban, after all poured out on stones in a sweating room, it will sate steam with smells of herbs.  Herbs for tea choose depending on the purpose.  If simply you want to sate a steam room with fragrant steam, choose that is pleasant to you more if you want to make it useful to health, it is necessary to consider the following:  green tea will improve a condition of skin if on it there are scratches, ulcers or allergic rash.  If you want to relax and remove well a stress, splash on the bathing furnace tea from a camomile, a root of a valerian and yellow or black tea. 

9.  Tea will help at perspiration of feet.  Do the following procedure before going to bed – lower a foot in weak warm tea of minutes on 10-15, then wipe them a towel. 

10.  Tea perfectly absorbs smells.  Use this property of tea to eliminate an unpleasant smell of hands after cleaning of fish or garlic.  Also by means of tea bags it is possible to deodorize the refrigerator or a garbage can, having simply put them there.  And having put tea bags from a lavender or other herbal tea in pockets of automobile covers, you receive a natural air freshener. 

11.  Tea – the fine organic fertilizer, containing a set of nutrients.  Use weak tea for top dressing of plants.  Remember that it is impossible to bring I damp tea leaves in the soil in large numbers, it can cause formation of a mold and decay of plants.  Tea tea leaves should be brought in the soil before crops of seeds in a proportion of 0,5 kg of weak tea on 1кв.  soil m.  Use of tea tea leaves as top dressing effectively stimulates growth of plants. 

12.  The used dry tea strewed round a bed of a pet will help to get rid of fleas, and the smoke from burning of tea leaves will frighten off blood-thirsty mosquitoes.  Has no warm feelings to tea and to mol.  If you don't wish such neighbor in the case, scatter on regiments green tea.  It can be filled in small sacks from linen fabric or a gauze and to hang out in cases where woolen things are stored. 

13.  By means of weak tea it is possible to return purity and gloss to clothes from dark natural fur.  For this purpose slightly damp tea should be filled evenly on the fur which has been spread out on an equal surface, to leave for some minutes then displace tea leaves a damp brush with a rigid bristle in the direction of growth of fur. 

14.  If you have an allergy to detergents, tea can be used for ware washing.  Strangely enough sounds, tea really possesses cleaning properties.  By means of several repeatedly made tea bags it is possible to remove dirt and fat from mirrors, glasses, floors, a kitchen table-top and unpainted wooden furniture.  Remember that after cleaning it is necessary to wipe dry surfaces, after all tea is good natural dye. 

15.  Painting properties of tea too will find application in a life.  For example, at restoration of color of suede fabric.  For this purpose make strong tea.  Amount of tea leaves take depending on color of fabric.  For light brown fabric make tea from 1 tablespoon of dry tea leaves on 150 ml of water if fabric dark brown, take 2 tablespoons of tea on 150 ml of boiled water.  Color of the turned-out tea has to be one tone more dark than color of fabric.  Moisten a sponge with the filtered tea and wipe it pure suede.  You bring tea evenly.  Then fabric well dry on the sun or in the dryer. 

16.  Tea can be used for coloring of laces and products from a macrame.  Strong tea will give a beautiful beige shade to lacy napkins, cloths, paths for a table and to products from a macrame.  It is simple to make it – fill in with liter of boiled water 2 tablespoons of tea, add 2 teaspoons of salt and boil on slow fire of 2-3 minutes.  In the filtered hot tea place products which you want to paint and leave for 10-15 minutes.  Then rinse products in cold water with vinegar addition.  In such a way it is possible to paint and stockings 

17.  Tea will give beautiful color to Easter eggs.  On liter of water about 4 tablespoons of dry tea are necessary.  It is necessary to cook eggs 10-15 minutes and that the shell was better painted, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar. 

18.  Much know use of tea as natural dark hair color.  For this purpose mix rosemary, a sage, black tea and let's be drawn during the night.  Filter and carefully rub in hair.  If necessary, for obtaining the necessary color, repeat once again. 

19.  The strong black tea added in dough, will give it a brown shade and will make products ruddier. 

20.  Mix of black tea with 2 tablespoons of corn starch, will help to clean the smoothed-down strips from dark clothes.  By means of a spray sprinkle a little problem places before you will walk the iron.  If the suit or other clothes began to shine, wipe them a slice of the flannel fabric moistened in strong black tea.  The fabric processed by tea will cease to shine and will take the fresh and updated form. 

Whether and you know, what in addition, tea simply does us cleverer? It is proved that caffeine containing in tea increases quick-wittedness.


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