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The best alkaline products for your diet

Acids are mainly used for house cleaning, but after all your stomach not a kitchen sink. The modern diet which today's mass media and enslaving consumerism strongly influence, is very acid. You at least once watched advertizing on TV, in magazines or on the Internet who would urge to buy vegetables and fruit? No, because all of them are packed in well sold packings or poured in bottles that doesn't correspond to the natural processes which are taking place in our organism. Enterprise and consumerism went too far in destruction of our health.

In total in the world, live or lifeless, has either acid, or the alkaline nature. However people are created for the use of alkaline products, and are a component of a food chain as an alkaline organism. The pH level of our blood is substantially caused by food which we eat. And if blood becomes not alkaline or, moreover, acid, the organism ceases to work properly and has difficulties with resilience to oxidizing processes and pathogenic viruses.

Top of 10 alkaline products which do our reason and a body healthy and vigorous:

1. Avocado, bananas (ripe), berries, carrots, celery, currant, dates.

These products are very rich with antioxidants and contain the pH 8,0 level. They chemically influence acid products with pH 5,0 and lift it almost to alkaline level. Also berries, dates have the special characteristics regulating a blood pressure.

2. Apples (sweet), apricots, lucerne sprouts.

These products are very well acquired, are rich with cellulose and have the pH 8,0 level. Besides, they contain many enzymes which help to support hormonal balance of an organism. Once you eat on an apple in day, and you will forget about doctors! Don't neglect apricots. For those who doesn't know, sprouts of a lucerne are the sprouted seeds of beans which usually add in salads and sandwiches.

3. Grapes (sweet), passion fruit, pears (sweet), pineapples, raisin, vegetable juice.

Products from this group have pH 8,5, B and Page are rich with antioxidants and vitamins A. Grapes, raisin and plums - products regulating blood which lower a blood pressure and risk of emergence of heart troubles. Pineapple, on the one hand, is rich with a L-carnitine which uses a fatty stock of an organism as a power source, and also keeps your waist of the harmonous. Vegetable juice, on the other hand, is saturated with iron and well clears organism cages.

4. Chicory, kiwi, fruit juice.

They contain natural sugar which don't form acid components at their assimilation. Rather these products possess the shcheloche-forming properties giving to an organism of a lot of energy. Having the pH 8,5 level, this group is rich with flavonoids, chemical components of natural products which have anti-oxidizing properties. The kiwi contains even more vitamin C, than oranges. Chicory, bitter on taste "close relative" of a lettuce, incorporates insulin which supports a pancreas and helps an organism to prevent diabetes development.

5. Cress water, seaweed, asparagus.

Products of this group have pH 8,5 and are unique converters of acid. For example, cress water call natural superfood. It is the vegetable first by foliage consumed by the person, and it usually add in useful salads. It is best of all to eat it crude. Cress contains a lot of iron and calcium, as well as seaweed. The asparagus even is even more useful because of the high content of amino acids necessary for the correct work of nervous system.

6. Lime, mango, melon, papaya, parsley.

These products have pH 8,5 and excellently clean kidneys. The papaya possesses laxative properties, facilitates a defekation and intestines cleaning. The parsley, the most popular grass, is an excellent brush for intestines if to use it in the raw. It also diuretic necessary at cleaning of kidneys. Lime, mango and melon - the vitamin-rich fruit forming alkali at their assimilation.

7. Musky melon, cayenne pepper.

Products of this group more possess alkaline jet properties among all products with pH 8,5. They are rich with enzymes which are necessary for our endocrine system. Cayenne pepper has antibacterial properties and also contains vitamin A which fights with the free radicals causing a stress and diseases. The musky melon, "relative" of an ordinary melon, contains not enough sugar, but it is a lot of cellulose.

8. Agar-agar (organic gelatin)

The agar-agar has pH a factor 8,5 and is the substitute of gelatin made of seaweed, is rich with iron and calcium. It is easily acquired product and has the highest content of cellulose.

9. Water-melon.

Having pH a factor 9,0, the water-melon is very alkaline. Because of the high content of cellulose and water (92% of its weight) the water-melon is a soft diuretic and a rich source of beta carotene, lycopene and vitamin C. This fruit satisfying thirst supplies an organism with energy if week to eat only it, and thus cleans a large intestine.

10. Lemon.

Above the list there is a surprising lemon. Lemons reckon with its electrolytic properties and the pH 9,0 level as the most alkaline food. This most powerful and fast tool for cold, cough, flu, the heartburn, the increased acidity and other viral diseases. Lemons - the natural antiseptics disinfecting and treating of a wound. Besides, this best means for a liver which clears it and gives energy.


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