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The best toning plants

In a cold season when immunity weakens from stresses and overcooling, it is necessary to help the organism. The most part of people needing support of health, tries not to use so-called "chemistry", here that and comes to address time to the natural means activating immune system.


1. Though these means also have a phytogenesis, they shouldn't be accepted randomly, without controlling process.

2. It is better to accept them only that who has weak immunity; in the period of a long stress or a depression; at the indisposition moments; after the transferred disease during which antibiotics were accepted or if there was a feeling of an approaching illness.

3. Adaptogens will bring a lot of benefit at sports occupations both after, and before trainings. They help an organism to be restored and reach quicker than the best results.

4. At all don't use these means as prevention, in this case they can cause sleeplessness, excitement or apathy.

5. Adaptogens no more than a cup of strong tea are effective and some hours work. However if you start accepting them regularly, by the end of the first week you will feel much better.

If you started accepting adaptogens, the course of treatment needs to be finished.

6. Due to mobilization of resources of a human body, they provide it an energy stock, without resorting to need to work in the strengthened mode. It is necessary to take them only to 3 o'clock in the afternoon for half an hour before meal. If to use them later, most likely, you will be expected by sleepless night.

7. Though all adaptogens are capable to load the organism with energy everyone of them has the feature: any helps at a headache, another – for cold and so on.

As the most effective adaptogens are considered:

* Ginseng

This adaptogen has average force. It gives energy inflow, takes off fatigue, increases appetite and reduces sugar in blood.

The course of treatment a ginseng has to be not less than a few weeks during which broth of this root needs to be accepted three times a day. 15-25 drops need to be parted with water and to add a little baking soda.

* Magnolia vine

Also this plant is known as, an east Asian liana. It also gives to an organism an average dose of energy, increases working capacity and clears up thoughts.

The magnolia vine increases acidity of gastric juice therefore if you have gastritis or an ulcer, you shouldn't use this adaptogen. During the course of treatment lasting of 3 weeks, it is necessary to accept on 30 drops of broth of a magnolia vine twice a day.

* Echinacea

Echinacea perfectly affect nervous system and helps at flu, colds and various inflammations as possesses antimicrobic and antiviral action.

This adaptogen in the form of tablets is on sale. They need to be accepted daily, on 1-2 pieces during few weeks.

Attention! As any other medicine, at adaptogens has contraindications. They can't be accepted at: hypertensions, to high temperature of the body, the increased nervous excitability, epilepsy, sleeplessness.


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