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The products giving energy

Also it isn't necessary any power drinks to be loaded with energy enough sometimes simply to eat following products.

1. Apples
Fruit this available and extended in our corner of the world is rich with quercetin. We won't go deep into all useful properties of this substance, only we will note that is important for us first of all: quercetin forces muscular cages to develop more energy. So before training or work eat some apples.

2. Bananas
Contain qualitative carbohydrates. And both "fast" and "slow". It is possible to use them both to, and after training. They are rich with potassium in a bioactive form which is very well acquired. And potassium is responsible for force of muscular reduction.

3. Red meat (beef, veal)
You will be surprised, but it is not so heavy food. In meat there is a lot of bioactive iron, and iron influences accumulation in oxygen blood. And the more in your organism, the your tone is higher than oxygen. Also meat contains creatine, group B vitamins, zinc. That red meat was acquired fully, use it with vegetables. But don't mix with bread, porridge, potato - here after such combination to you and it will want to sleep.

4. Seafood
In mollusks there is a lot of natural energy drink - B12 vitamin.  Besides, this vitamin stimulates brain work. 

5. Eggs
Amino acids containing in egg, is responsible for energy production during the power work. And vitamins of group B whom in egg much, stimulate energy production in organism cages. The breakfast from 3-4 eggs literally will load you with energy since the morning.

6. Pumpkin sunflower seeds
Contain a lot of magnesium who is responsible for synthesis of protein and energy production in organism cages. This element also improves power indicators and endurance. Besides, magnesium in a natural form is acquired much better than "pharmaceutical".

7. Walnut
Omega 3 fatty acids containing in this product, aren't postponed in the form of subcutaneous fat, and at once join in power processes. And still nuts "slow down" digestion of carbohydrates.

8. Honey
Sahara, containing in honey, will transform a liver to a glycogen. And the glycogen is yours "power canned food" which very much will be useful during intensive loadings. Besides, in honey a huge number of microcells among which iron, calcium and phosphorus, and they directly are responsible for power.


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