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Treatment by lemon juice

It is known that else Avicenna applied it to treatment of female diseases: violations of a menstrual cycle, inflammatory processes, postnatal complications.

Juice of a lemon is recommended at atherosclerosis - it restores elasticity of blood vessels; strengthens small vessels; it is useful at a metabolic disorder, diseases of kidneys and a gastrointestinal path, hemorrhoids, an urolithic illness, feverish states. Also it is used for prevention of strokes or heart attacks as normalizes pressure.

Quinsy, pharyngitis
Dilute lemon juice with warm water 1:1 and rinse a throat. It is possible to grease a throat with juice, if pain very strong, and difficultly to rinse. Rinsings help and at inflammations of a mucous membrane of a mouth.

Bronchial asthma
Carefully crush 5 average lemons and couple of heads of garlic, fill in with 1 liter of boiled water (cooled) and insist 5 days. Infusion filter and accept on 1 tablespoon before food.

For caries prevention when toothbrushing add to water for rinsing lemon juice.

Antiviral means
Thanks to strong antiseptic action, lemon juice is capable to kill viruses so during flu epidemics it is possible to add it in water, tea, and even in vegetable or butter.

 Strong cough
You cook a lemon of 10 minutes on weak fire. Squeeze out juice, you will add in it 2 tablespoons of glycerin, and honey so that the full glass turned out. Accept on 1 teaspoon three times a day; and if cough very strong - 6 times a day.

Stones in kidneys, an uric and gall bladder
Mix of lemon juice with juice of carrots, a cucumber and beet. Depending on quantity and the sizes of stones, some days, and, probably, weeks of such treatment is required: lemon juice dilute with hot water 1:1, other juice mixes equally and drinks on a half-glass before food 3-4 times a day. The way is effective, but without consultation of the doctor is dangerous.

The regular use of lemon juice interferes with accumulation in an organism of the uric acid which surplus can become the reason of various chronic diseases: rheumatism, gouts, formations of stones in a gall bladder, kidneys, anemias, diabetes, obesity, diseases of skin, the central nervous system.


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