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About advantage of a bath

The broom in a ban is the peculiar massage strengthening blood circulation of skin, hypodermic cellulose and muscles.  To take a steam bath a broom is the very useful habit having beneficial impact on our health. 

The broom is essential oils which getting to our organism, improve a metabolism, interfere with presenilation. Besides, each broom has the special effect.

Helps at joint, muscles pains, well clears skin of rash, abscesses, accelerates healing of wounds, grazes, improves mood. Its special advantage - strong expansion in birch to steam of small bronchial tubes, that is why after such pair bath is easier breathed. For asthmatics and the former smokers, started to do respiratory gymnastics, the birch broom is irreplaceable.

It is useful to people with fat skin. It does skin opaque and elastic, has on it anti-inflammatory effect. Aroma of an oak interferes with excessive increase of arterial pressure in a steam room.

Helps to get rid of a headache, carries out soft gymnastics for kidneys, accelerates sweating, renders soothing, expands bronchial tubes, has febrifugal effect. It is especially useful at catarrhal diseases.


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