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Fight against unpleasant smells in the house

That your house smelled as the house, instead of:

a) warehouse,
b) zoo,
c) day nursery,
d) public catering

It is necessary to observe some simple rules:

1. By all means to air the apartment at least three times per day, and also separately after cooking, work with substances which strongly smell, or in case of any other force majeur aromatic circumstances. It is the through airing preventing absorption of smells in carpets, textiles and upholstered furniture. Besides draft it is required also continuous ventilation: the open window leaves, correctly established double-glazed windows, fans or extracts in a bathroom and kitchen.

2. On pillows in a bedroom before going to bed drip a drop of oil of a lavender — and it will be better to be slept, and the smell of the sorted linen won't stand.

3. In a microwave from time to time we put on full capacity for 30 seconds a water cup with lemon juice — the unpleasant "microwave" smell is so destroyed.

4. If in kitchen something burned down or too noticeably prepared, boil on a plate within half an hour with an open cover of half of liter of water in which juice of one lemon is squeezed out and five features of a carnation are thrown.

5. In an oven right after cooking we put a peel of orange and we hold there before full cooling of an oven.

6. The smell in the house from water pipes is beaten off by such mix thrown for 15 minutes into an opening of a pipe: baking soda, large salt and vinegar in a proportion 1:1:2. We hold a quarter of hour, we wash away hot water.

7. On fight against a smell in the refrigerator it is possible to use baking soda. For example, to put in the refrigerator a glass with the soda divorced in water. Or it is simple to put in the refrigerator usual baking soda, in the plastic container with holes. If the container isn't present, put an open box with soda and change time in three months.

8. We fill in in the iron not water, and weak solution of essence of a lily of the valley, a violet or an orange blossom.

9.  In boxes with linen and on clothes shelves it is displayed linen sacks in which are sewn up:  the shavings of an orange dried peel dried up in an oven, coffee grains, pods of vanilla and cinnamon stick. 

10. After fish we rinse ware with vinegar, and in hands we pound a coffee kernel.


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