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Habits which turn boring life into the real adventure!

Everything is simple! Try to follow this advice and will see how life to change for the better!

1. Get up on an hour earlier, than usually

Use this time to practice yoga, to walk, or slowly to have breakfast, instead of to run to office at top speed. Your days become happier, successful and will be filled with positive emotions.

2.  Do the list of affairs in the morning

Make it simple and realistic, present as you will feel well at the end of the working day, understanding that executed everything that was planned.

3.  It is more than movement! 

In a lunch break walk about your office or simply walk along corridors and if you have excess time, fill with walks and fresh office as much as possible time!

4. Haven't dinner in front of the computer

Never you carry out the meal in front of the computer or the TV. You with guarantee will eat more and don't take pleasure by food. Eat consciously

5. You spend evenings after work to the pleasure

Don't turn into routine return home. Go to campaigns, visit a beach, you go to the cinema, with friends. If in your life there is a lot of work, it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy it!

6.  Experiment food! 

Eat that really is pleasant to you on each meal - possibly it is tasty cocktail for breakfast and an interesting dinner - prepare with the imagination! As soon as you will start experimenting in kitchen, you will understand as difficultly to stop and that your opportunities are boundless.

7. Before going to bed, remember the day and thank it that it simply was. Rejoice to the small.

You love life and it will be favorable to you. 
Live, rejoicing to every day!


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