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•  Don't do exercises in the mornings. 

It is unhealthy. All hormones regulating activity of an organism, jump out blood only to 11 o'clock in the morning therefore physical activities till this time upset an organism. Any physical activity needs to be done only after 11 hours.

•  Register in reception to the stomatologist only at morning o'clock. 

In general all most painful procedures try to carry out in the first half of day. For example, to give injections or bandagings of wounds. In the mornings all procedures are less painful, and in the evenings sensitivity to pain increases.

• By no means never eat pastes and don't drink some cocoa if you watch the weight.

•  Don't wash the dishes in the evenings – leave it for the morning. 

And at all don't work physically in the evening or at night. At this time force of muscles decreases. And the lowest working capacity within a day comes in an interval between 2 and 4 o'clock in the morning.

• Don't pour in a bathtub of detergents for body washing more, than it is specified on packing. Synthetic substances degrease skin, and it starts being shelled.

• If you on a physiological essence "owl".

If the whole nights you sit in front of the computer, in night having a snack include not vegetable products, and it is as much as possible proteinaceous food: meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, milk, and also drink hot tea or coffee. Proteins increase intensity of a metabolism and lift a tone of the central nervous system.

•  You brush teeth in the morning a toothpaste, and in the evening tooth-powder. 

The toothpaste cleans teeth more weakly than powder, however there is an additional self-cleaning of teeth by a saliva and firm food in the afternoon. At night during a dream self-cleaning doesn't happen therefore it is necessary to brush teeth stronger means – powder.

•  Usually ladies don't eat for the night not to gain excess weight. 

However not all know, as face skin too suffers from an evening gluttony. Next morning usually eyelids bulk up, there can be hypostases and even rash on a face.

• If you want as it is possible to see more long the skin young, try to keep a hypodermic fatty layer. Quality of skin depends on it. Generally, don't grow thin excessively.

• Don't forget to eat periodically a dish with gelatin. From them the structure of nails and hair improves.

•  Don't lose a full-fledged dream if you don't want to grow stout. 

As scientists, people who 5 and less hours constantly sleep established, those who sleeps the put 7 hours weigh more, than.


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