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How to wake up without alarm clock?

At all times and in all intelligence services ability to wake up in time without alarm clock is appreciated. Such ability exists at all living beings. But for emergence of these inner internal clocks it is necessary to develop time sense. Trainings are simple. For this purpose it is necessary to have any constant source of any sound. Define without the aid of the stop watch, what time (how many seconds) lasts any constant sound. And now be checked on the stop watch which has been in advance included. Quickly enough you will start defining time of sounding to within 2-3 seconds. On reaching more or less significant results maintain the period of silence equal to time of sounding. Be checked on a stop watch.

Change a task — include a sound source for time set mentally and switch off it when, in your opinion, this time will expire. Be besides verified on a stop watch. Medical researches show that when performing such tasks pulse rate, breath and a blood pressure change. Why? Because in an organism there is time modeling. In it takes great interest not only nervous system, but also skeletal muscles, in itself possessing ability not only to remember power feelings, but also to display time and orientation situation in space.

Therefore for advantage of trainings let's themselves installation pass a quiet step any distance for the period defined by you. Be verified on the stop watch started earlier. Gradually train to do all this (and other works) in the period set in advance — neither one minute earlier, nor one minute later. Any process proceeding evenly will be model of time. And if you trained work of this model, you will start feeling time, as material substance. This mechanism will inform in time a cerebral cortex. And here then you will be able to give before going to bed to yourselves internal command to wake up in certain time, and it at you will turn out. So trained the German intelligence services the active agency during World War II.


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