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Rules of a good dream or how to cope with sleeplessness

That well and to sleep tight and also that sleeplessness didn't torment, carry out simple rules!

1. Switch off blue illumination
Small at first sight things, such as blue illumination of the cell phone, the tablet computer or an electronic clock can be the cause of sleeplessness. Meanwhile short waves of a blue range can prevent to fall asleep.

Switch off the TV, the computer and other sources of blue light which are at you in a bedroom. If the device can't be switched-off, cover the display or stick with a black insulating tape the light indicator that blue light didn't disturb your rest.

2. You don't sleep in the afternoon
If you can't fall asleep at night, the short dream during the day only will aggravate a situation. If you nevertheless very much want to take a nap in the afternoon, devote to it no more than 20 minutes and, it is desirable, in the first half of day. Day rest has to be no later than eight hours to a night dream.

If you feel an after-dinner somnolence, go on walk, drink a glass of cold water or call the friend. 

3. Hide far away hours
If you wake up at night and you look at the watch, trying to understand, how many remained to time until when you should gather for work, at you the dream surely vanishes.

Clean an alarm clock in a drawer, under a bed or put it so that the dial it wasn't visible.

4. Put between feet a pillow
Many sleep with pain in a back bottom though it delivers them discomfort, forcing to wake up from time to time. In this case you will be helped by a pillow.

Clamp a pillow between feet. Thereby you will level your hips and remove stress in the bottom department of a back. Put between feet a pillow
Many sleep with pain in a back bottom though it delivers them discomfort, forcing to wake up from time to time. In this case you will be helped by a pillow.

5. Pack a mattress
The bad mattress can become the reason of cough, sneezing and an itch because of what you will constantly wake up. In a mattress the mold, dust flares and other causative agents of an allergy can be got.

To avoid all this, pack your mattress in impervious a dust plastic covers.

6. Bed only for a dream and sex
Make a bed a place where you sleep and you indulge in love joys. For all another matters connected with work, communication with friends or pleasant pastime like viewing of telecasts, choose other places in your apartment. The bed has to mean for you only rest and anything else.

To the majority of people most comfortable it is slept at a temperature of 20-22 ˚ by Page.

7. Don't abuse coffee
If the cup of coffee helps to wake up in the morning, but the same cup of coffee after a dinner can cross out your plans well to sleep at night. Don't drink coffee and drinks containing caffeine in the second half of day. Even in insignificant concentration caffeine is capable to break a stage of a deep sleep.

Remember that caffeine contains in the chocolate, some anesthetics and preparations for weight reduction.

8. Play sports correctly
Though regular trainings improve quality of a dream, it is impossible to play sports before going to bed. The inflow of energy caused by physical activities, won't allow you long time to fall asleep. Plan your trainings so that they came to an end in 3-4 hours prior to withdrawal to a dream.

Exercises on an extension, yoga, the Chinese gymnastics thaw-chi, on the contrary, promote a good dream.

9. Any drinks after the 9th evening
Refrain from any drinks in two hours prior to a dream. Thus you will avoid night campaigns to the toilet room after which long it isn't possible to fall asleep. Can deprive of a dream also a cold floor in a bathroom on which you get up bare feet.

Make in a bathroom night-time lighting which will allow not to turn on the bright light at night.

10. Lower light
In two hours prior to withdrawal to a dream muffle light brightness in the house. Postpone disputes and the solution of any questions demanding an intellectual and emotional pressure. Dim light gives a signal to our organism on production of melatonin, the hormone declining to a dream.

For reading before going to bed use the 15 watts bulbs.

11. Eliminate noise
Sound of the proceeding crane at night, cough of the child or bark of a dog can steal considerable part of your dream. By the way, the aggravated reaction to noise remains at parents still long time after the child became an adult.

"white noise" – noise with evenly distributed range will help to cope with sounds in night. For this purpose it is possible to turn on the fan, the conditioner or the special generator of "white noise". As a last resort, it is possible to use plugs for ears.

12. You don't bring into a bed of pets
Dog or cat in your bed, turning, can prevent you to sleep. With them fleas, wool, the dandruff which is the reason of development of an allergy get to a bed.

Ask the veterinarian or the trainer working with an animal, to accustom the pet to sleep on the place.

13. Don't solve a problem before going to bed
For an hour before you went to bed, don't think of problems. Read something easy, be engaged in meditation, listen to music or accept a warm bathroom.

If you haven't enough time, even 10-minute ritual can do good. 

These councils can help you to cope with sleeplessness. However they work not in all cases. If sleeplessness proceeds more than a month, it means that with your organism something not so. Sleeplessness can be a symptom of a disease, such as the depression, an acid reflux, asthma, arthritis or can be caused by reception of some preparations. Chronic sleeplessness has to become a reason for the address to the doctor.


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