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Smile more often!

Smile – the most easily recognizable emotion of the person. The smile starts certain processes in a brain of the person, activating communication "brain-body". It occurs in the left frontal lobe which is responsible for emotions of happiness. So than the smile is useful?

1. The smile does us happy (even at bad mood)
You remember "brain-body" communication? And so, the usual smile sends a signal to a brain that we are happy. And when we are happy, the organism starts developing different endorphins which lighten mood. This principle was open in the 1980th years and is confirmed with a number of researches. But researches show also a reverse side: having frowned, people start feeling the unhappy.

2. The smile does happy people surrounding you
The smile - is infectious. Researches show that enough to see the smiling friend or the girlfriend, and the person involuntarily starts doing the same. Funny, truth? When someone smiles, it infects with good mood of other people. The smiling person brings happiness.

3. The smile does us more attractive
We pay attention to people who smile. There is an attraction factor: we want to know who and why smiles. Gloominess and grimaces push away people, and the smile attracts. The charming smile does the person more attractive in the opinion of representatives of an opposite sex. Therefore, next time, when you will appoint appointment, don't forget to smile. It will make your "half" happier, and you - more attractive.

4. The smile helps to remove a stress
The smile helps to get rid of fatigue, wear and congestion. The smile is capable to reduce feeling of alarm. When signals that we are happy (even if it and not absolutely so … at present), reach a brain, an organism, as a rule, reduces the frequency of breath and warm reductions. Decrease in level of a stress very well affects on health as a whole as arterial pressure as a result decreases, digestion improves and level of sugar in blood is normalized.

5. The smile is more attractive, than a make-up
69% of percent of people consider that the smiling woman without make-up is more attractive, than the woman without smile which uses cosmetics. Muscles which we use to smile, tighten the person that does the person younger.

6. The smile positively influences health
The smile helps immune system to work better. When you smile, you are more relaxed. A number of researches proves beneficial influence of laughter on health of the person, including and that the laughter is similar to mini-training therefore fat is burned and improves a relief of muscles of a press. The laughter also improves blood circulation, reduces level of sugar in blood, reduces level of a stress and improves a dream. It is also capable to raise level of the antibodies struggling with infections and improving work of immune system in an organism.

7. The smile does you more successful
Smiling people look more surely. Put on a smile meetings and meetings, and people will react to you in a different way. According to researches, respondents are inclined to consider that such people are more attractive, sure of themselves, are decent and resolute.


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