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Way to sleep in 4-5 hours

Under certificates of scientists, an organism of the ordinary person there are enough five hours per day to receive a full-fledged dream which will encourage, both will refresh, and will give new forces. But to sleep in 4-5 hours, it is necessary to follow a number of the principles and rules of a dream.

Technique of a fast sleep

In our uneasy century of the accelerated speeds and the raised vital rhythm experts developed a special technique that the person could get enough sleep trouble-free in 4-5 hours and feel all day inflow of forces and cheerfulness. For this purpose it is necessary to adhere to the following technique of a fast sleep:

* to relax before falling asleep (it isn't necessary to go to a dream together with all the experiences and problems – for this purpose allocate minutes 10-15 for reflection about something fine or for listening of calming music).
* not to load a stomach before going to bed and not to overeat for the night (otherwise the organism will spend all the energy not for own restoration, and for food digestion).
* to use for a dream special accessories – weakening pillow with fragrant herbs (especially hop cones for this purpose will approach), bandages on eyes and ear plugs if those are necessary.
* to take a warm shower before going to bed (it not only means of hygiene, but also excellent "washing off" of information saved up in a day, impressions and emotions – water best of all "carries away" them with itself, relaxing a body).
* to Sleep under a warm blanket (in cold of people gets enough sleep much worse, than in heat).
* to develop permanent accustoming of an organism to a 5-hour dream (usually adaptation to a similar rhythm happens on the average in 1 month).
* to allocate for itself one day in a week (it is desirable not week) when it is possible to have a sleep quietly "for the future", that is slightly more long usual (hours 8).
* to go to bed till 24:00 – during this period a human body quicker and best of all gets enough sleep (two hours of a dream after midnight are equal to one till midnight).

All listed rules consider, first of all, three basic components of a qualitative and healthy sleep: the organization of a berth, condition of a dream and spirit on it.


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