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Useful properties of a cranberry

To use a cranberry in food - it is very useful! And why, we now also will consider!

1. Cranberry juice with honey helps at quinsy and cough. In a glass of warm cranberry juice to dissolve honey - 3 tablespoons. To rinse a throat 3 times a day and to sip.

2. The fruit drink from a cranberry takes off fatigue, increases activity of a brain and increases working capacity.

3. Cranberry leaves. A third of a glass of leaves of a cranberry on 500 ml of water to boil 10-15 minutes, to cool, filter, add a glass of cranberry juice and to drink 4 times a day at intestinal frustration.

4. Cranberry pounded 1:1 with honey. To accept 1-2 times a day at headaches.

5. If regularly to use a cranberry, opportunity formation of stones in kidneys decreases.

6. For strengthening of thin and fragile nails it is necessary to rub 2 times a day cranberry juice.

7. The regular use in food of berries and juice of a cranberry normalizes high arterial pressure.

8. For increase of immunity it is necessary to use daily in food a cranberry or its juice, apples and walnuts.

9. Berries of a cranberry to pound and mix one to one with vaseline. Helps at a skin itch and abscesses. To bring ointment twice a day with a thin layer within a week.

10. Cranberry leaves - 1/2 glasses on 500 ml of water. To boil 10-15 minutes, to filter. Warm broth to rinse a throat at quinsy 3 times a day.


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