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Useful properties of a melon

Melon – a product unique. Its main advantage – self-sufficiency: melon it is possible and it is necessary to eat in itself, without any seasonings and additives. You will enjoy magic taste and aroma, and meanwhile your skin will be smoothed and look younger, hair and nails – to become stronger, mood – to improve. And not only mood. However, about everything one after another.

The list of everything that contains melon pulp, can seem to at first sight frightening: water, sugar and starch, proteins, carbohydrates, food fibers, free organic acids, potassium, iron, vitamins C, PP, B1, B2, carotene, folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, inositol, silicon.

Silicon well influences a condition of skin and a hair, iron is useful for blood system (and it in a melon, by the way, in 17 times more, than in milk, and 3 times more, than in fish), vitamin C strengthens nervous system and increases immunity.

Beta carotene (and in a melon even it is more than it, than in carrot!)  provides us a noble peach shade of skin, does it smooth. 
The substance with the strange name "inositol" promotes growth of hair and does them more dense.

Folic acid is extremely useful to nervous system – she is responsible for emotional steadiness and good mood. And magnesium is very useful to a cardiac muscle.

But most it is surprising in a melon is, perhaps, gold. Certainly, not absolutely such that we carry on ourselves in the form of rings and chains, but nevertheless.

Drugs from a melon

Curative properties of a melon are known long ago. Still great Avicenna used in the practice melon pulp, seeds and even crusts.

In modern medicine a melon use generally for intestines clarification (the melon pulp renders pronounced laxative effect) that, by the way, helps with fight against excess weight. The main thing governed – is a melon on an empty stomach. For weight reduction melon juice in combination with apple and tomato (in the ratio 1:2:1) is useful also.

In gloomy rainy days the melon can become cure for melancholy – it really takes off fatigue, alarm and improves mood.

But a melon it is possible not only is. Adherents of national methods of treatment do of a lotion melon, compresses, drops, rinsings and even bathtubs! Whether all these numerous illnesses medicines – a big question help. But why not to try? Especially as it is, as a rule, very pleasant.

Melon bathtub. In warm, but not hot water (36-37 °C) pour in a glass of melon juice, put the melon cut on slices or melon crusts. It is considered that such bathtub will help to remove an attack of an allergy.

The compress on a breast from melon pulp facilitates a state at bronchitis, pneumonia and attacks of asthma. The pulp of a melon and melon crusts advise to put to abscesses and bruises – it is considered that then they will pass quicker.

Melon juice also consider curative. It helps at cold, an urolithic illness (advise to drink melon juice with parsley broth) and expels from an organism of worms (advise to accept on 1 glass of juice in the morning on an empty stomach).

As it is correct to eat a melon

The main thing governed – is only a melon. Only don't think that we urge you to refuse other products. The matter is that a melon – a product heavy (just because of cellulose which causes intestines ease), she on itself – serious load of an organism. Therefore to mix it with something else, especially with alcohol and dairy products, to put it mildly, isn't necessary – the effect can be the most unexpected. It is best of all to eat a melon in two hours prior to or after the main meal. And the main thing – to know when to stop: this fragrant beauty is as though tasty was, you shouldn't be fond.

Who can't eat a melon?

Such people practically aren't present.  But in certain cases nevertheless it is worth showing care. 
-  Especially attentive feeding mothers should be, – the kid can have problems with a chair. 
-  Long time was considered that the melon is contraindicated sick diabetes – because of a large number in its pulp of various sugars.  So it or not – is up to the end not known therefore who with sugar in blood nevertheless has problems, it is better not to risk. 
- At stomach ulcer or a duodenum it is necessary to refrain from this delicacy too.

Anyway we wish you good health and excellent summer mood even in the fall.


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