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Useful properties of a persimmon

The persimmon not only is very tasty, but also is very useful!  The persimmon will protect from cold, will adjust work of intestines and will strengthen heart, this is the faithful defender of health and youth. 

1. The persimmon is rich with potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and other useful substances necessary for good and healthy work of all systems of an organism.

2. The persimmon contains twice more food fibers and useful microcells, than apples. Therefore a persimmon – an excellent way to adjust intestines work.
Thanks to pectin the persimmon is a dietary product which recommend at disorder of digestion. 

3. The persimmon contains many antioxidants which prolong skin youth, protecting from premature formation of wrinkles.

4.  In a persimmon there are vitamins A, C and P which are responsible for elasticity and elasticity of skin, reduce fragility of vessels, increase the resilience of an organism and strengthen immunity.  Also speak what exactly vitamin A protects from a cancer. 

5. Thanks to the big content of glucose and fructose, the persimmon feeds a cardiac muscle, supporting health of cardiovascular system. Thus doesn't raise level of glucose in blood. Though at diabetes you shouldn't abuse a persimmon (admissible norm – no more than one in day, in the absence of contraindications).

6. The persimmon reduces probability of formation of stones in kidneys, thanks to the high content of magnesium.

7. The persimmon is excellent tonic, quickly takes off fatigue, calms nervous system and increases working capacity.

8. The persimmon will help at cold and cough. Recipe: to mix juice of one ripe fruit with 4 tablespoons of warm water and to rinse a throat.


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