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Useful properties of cocoa

Cocoa - not only chocolate and tasty drink, but also fine medicine!

Cocoa possesses emollient, toning and all-strengthening action. 

1. Cold
We mix 30 ml of sea-buckthorn oil and 20 ml of juice of a fresh calendula, we add 15 ml of the kindled cocoa butter, 5 grams of propolis and 10 grams of honey. We moisten with the received structure cotton wool and we enter into a nose, changing 2-3 times a day.

2. Anemia, physical exhaustion
400 grams of pork unsalted fat and 6 big apples are required.

Small to cut and add apples in fat. To put the received mix in an oven on weak fire. We take 12 egg yolks and we pound with one glass of sugar until white. Then we add 400 grams of chocolate rubbed on a small grater. After fat with apples will be melted, we filter them and we add in mix from yolks with sugar and chocolate. We stir and cool. The received mix is accepted by 3-4 times a day, with each meal, smearing on bread.

3. Chronic diseases of lungs
We mix 100 grams of powder of cocoa from 15 ml of juice of a three-year aloe, we add 100 g of butter. To accept 2-3 times a day, parting in one glass of hot milk 1 tablespoon of mix.

4. Stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenum
To mix equal parts of powder of cocoa, honey, a fresh chicken yolk and butter. To mix up to the uniform weight. To accept for 2 weeks each 3 hours on 1 dessert. for spoon (at least 5 times per day) in 30-60 minutes prior to food, thus it is necessary various medical diets have to be kept. To make a break for 2 weeks and to complete a course anew.

5. Hemorrhoids
To put the cotton napkin moistened with cocoa butter. During treatment knots decrease and healed.


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