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Ways to overcome day drowsiness

In the conditions of modern life when the operating schedule doesn't allow, properly to sleep, cases of daily drowsiness quite often meet during the working day.
Most often day drowsiness shrouds some hours later after awakening. Thus, the person spends all day for fight against drowsiness, drinks many coffee and smokes a significant amount of cigarettes.
We offer effective and safe ways of fight against day drowsiness.

1. Aromatherapy. It is simple, but very pleasant way of fight against drowsiness. Essential oils of a jasmine, sandal-wood tree, rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, tea tree help to concentrate on work and to receive a cheerfulness charge.

2. Illumination of the room. In an ideal, of course, natural, but artificial lighting will fit also. The only condition – not to save, after all light stimulates the central nervous system and suppresses melatonin level (a dream hormone).

3. Color of clothes and room. Use bright colors which lighten mood and give forces. Orange, red, yellow, light green.

4. Ginger tea effective and useful to all organism will give you a tone.
Ginger tea is useful to that improves blood circulation, possesses toning effect, protects from cold and warms. Improves digestion, dilutes blood, normalizes a condition of blood vessels. Helps at atherosclerosis, at respiratory diseases facilitates office of slime and promotes cough elimination. Improves a metabolism, promotes immunity strengthening. Possesses expectorant and antiemetic properties. It is useful at diseases of a liver and a gastrointestinal path. Promotes removal of slags and toxins from all organism. Possesses antimicrobic properties, prevents fermentation in a stomach, strengthens memory, stimulates brain activity. Helps at infertility, raises a potentiality. Improves a condition of skin.
Recipe of preparation of ginger tea: on 0,5 liters of water it is required to you:

1) Fresh root of ginger (3-4 cm). Ginger in powder isn't recommended to be taken, that as tea turns out not such tasty and muddy.
 2) Cardamom - 2 pods
3) Cinnamon pinch (at will)
4) Teaspoon of green tea without additives
5) 3 teaspoons of flower honey (it is possible more)
6) Carnation (at will)
7) Lemon half

5. Massage of ears and fingers. On them there are power channels and having given to pleasant massage of hands and ears of 5-7 minutes. It is possible to improve the tone and other physical indicators. Also massage possesses curative action on all organism.

6. Fresh fruit and vegetables will help to raise power. Thermally not processed products give to an organism a tone. Only it is necessary to use them not together with boiled food. Eat apple, orange and you will notice as you improved attention and the world was filled with paints.

7. Wash a face and hands cold water more often. Waters washes away negative energy which gives to the person fatigue.

8. Force themselves to smile within a minute. Even if you also don't want. The reflex of a smile will develop the necessary level of a hormone of happiness at a brain and will encourage an organism.

9. Chocolate. In it there is a caffeine, but it not the only reason why it gives forces. Flavanoida, containing in him, increase activity of a brain and improve mood.

10. Make some deep breaths. Deep breath with lifting of a diaphragm forces blood to run quicker on veins that in turn loads you with energy.

11. Get a plant. At stuffy and close office the houseplant clears air of volatile organic compounds. And these substances can cause exhausting allergies and headaches. Get a plant and get rid of all these troubles once and for all.

12. Drink more water. Sometimes, being engaged in the sports hall or raking routine affairs, we forget to drink water in necessary quantities. But even small dehydration can result in drowsiness therefore always hold near at hand water.

13. Sing aloud. Even "teapots" know that singing demands control over breath. Sing the song and receive the mass of oxygen which will allow to be released additional energy (not to confuse to adrenaline which is developed on a karaoke bar scene). And still, according to researches, at the one who sings, the tone raises more strongly, than at those who simply listens.

14. Adjust temperature. When it is indoors too cold, the organism speaks to a brain: "It is time to sleep". Put on a sweater or find a way to increase temperature to get rid of drowsiness.

15. Sidi exactly. If to sit the computer having been double up, the fatigue will overtake quicker. Be straightened, straighten shoulders, look directly before itself, slightly cave in in a waist, and you not only will receive an energy charge, but also you will feel more surely.

16. Get up because of a table. Sometimes it is necessary to resemble. And having a snack in front of the computer most often leads to an overeating. To cheer up and distract, rather simply to rise because of a table.

17. Communicate. Researches show that those who talks to people around a little, feel unfortunate and, as a result, sleep badly. Those who stirs in operating time at office, feel more vigorously.

18. Chew something. Instead of being sleepy at boring meeting, eat a candy or chew a cud. The same scientists claim that chewing aggravates attention and lightens mood.

19. Think more diligent. It can seem difficult when eyelids are poured by lead, but forcing a brain to work quicker, we help a body to cheer up! Diligent considering (for example, fast reading, brain storm in group or considering of new idea) allows to feel energy inflow.


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